Miller is the world's largest manufacturer of arc welding and cutting equipment. Miller keeps the tradition alive by delivering ruggedly reliable equipment of the highest quality.


PWT presents the most advanced pipeline welding technology. PWT has developed and set up the DWS.02 system for the automatic welding of pipelines.


AEC TECHNOLOGY is leader in the market of equipment and accessories for heat treatment and stress relieving on weldings. AEC TECHNOLOGY are specialist in Heat Treatments Applications / Solutions


Tregaskiss specializes in semi-automatic, automatic and robotic MIG welding guns, consumables, and accessories. With this kind of focus, it’s no surprise that we’re a leading provider of innovative MIG welding products.


Full array of filler metals includes mild steel and low-alloy stick electrodes, solid wires, tubular wires, stainless and hard surfacing products.


Over 50 different flux cored wire products offering exceptional weld characteristics and outstanding mechanical properties. Welder’s #1 choice for productivity and quality.


Leading technology in stainless steel products, hard surfacing products, mild steel and low-alloy electrodes.


Comprehensive line of metal-cored, self-shielded flux cored, and low-alloy flux cored wires, specifically designed to meet a wide variety of welding application needs.


The wide range of products of this company include precision machines and tools for pipe processing and are applied worldwide in pipe cutting and beveling technology, pipe-end processing technology, electrode processing technology, thread cutting and thread thickness technology, copper pipe installation technology as well as in accessories for workshops and construction sites. Special emphasis is placed here on the RA pipe saw series, successfully marketed for over 40 years, and re-introduced in 2008 as the GF series, with a new design and many new innovative functions. This machine type had set the standard for industrial pipe processing very early on and was continually improved upon.


Elga is one of the leading welding consumables, and gas equipment. Welding consumables (covered electrodes, cored wires, solid wires) in carbon steel, low alloy steels, stainless steels, including duplex stainless steels, specialty products for non-ferrous exotic materials, are well known in the welding industry.


Delivers the finest in LifetimeTM replacement plasma torches, torches and gas regulation equipment. All with USA-made, ISO-9001 quality and the longest and strongest warranties in the industry.


Manufactures premium MIG (GMAW) welding guns, including both air-cooled and water-cooled semi-automatic, fully-automatic, and robotic products, as well as all accessory and replacement items.


The world-leading manufacturer of TIG (GTAW) welding torches, consumables and accessories. A broad line of premium products includes the unique Crafter SeriesTM, MicroTigTM, Quick Connect SystemTM, SupercoolTM, and SuperflexTM.


Designers and manufactures of a full range of mechanized equipment and arc controls for welding, including Jetline and Cyclomatic, Jetline is your partner in welding automation – providing fixtures, arc controls, and system integration.


Offers a complete line of liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, and resonant inspection equipment and accessories, as well as processing materials, all of which are designed specifically for the nondestructive testing (NDT) industry.


Provides skill and technical training to career-oriented students and industry alike. Experienced welders, industry, and governmental agencies also rely on the Institute to provide technical, specialized, and certification training.


Tien Tai's welding consumables are currently prominent in shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, power stations refineries, cement industry, building steel structure, automotive production lines, machinery manufacture industry.